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Re: Question regarding amarok2

I was using the previous version of xine. Shouldnt the new one have been installed as a dependence when installing the latest Amarok version?
Anyway, I've just upgraded libxine, libphonon4 and phonon-backend-xine; let's see what happens.

Thanks for the hint, Modestas, :).

El Lunes, 9 de Marzo de 2009 21:01:32 Modestas Vainius escribió:
> Hello,
> 2009 m. March 9 d., Monday, Manolete, ese artista... rašė:
> > It also suddenly stops often when playing and there's no other way than
> > restarting it. It happens even more than in 2.0.1 version, :-/. I don't
> > know if this is a Debian issue or a mainstram one, though.
> $ dpkg -l libxine1 phonon-backend-xine

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