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Re: impossible upgrade KE3 to KDE4

> After making the dist-upgrade, currently I can see severl warning about
> /etc/modprobe.d/ blacklist.XXX has not config file, .. etc etc ...
> Are there something broken in the branch?
As I told you before, don't worry for now: it's normal and it depends on module-init-tools. It has nothing to do with KDE.

> After that I enable the experimental branch and in a console try to make
> aptitude install -t experimental kde4-minimal
> aptitude shows me a lot of broken dependence that I can't to resolve
recursively enter apt-get/aptitude install -t experimental kdebase kdegraphics kde....

Recursively means until you find a package that can be installed and then you go on installing other packages.

> I try to with a CD install Debian from experimental branch. I download this
> CD yesterday, so it is in the last version. This CD has got KDE3.5, when I
> try to upgrade to KDE4 I have the same broken dependence.

CD's from experimental never worked for me. This is for sure a bad move until you really want to solve *a lot of BUGS* that are really common in experimental. Experimental is experimental :), let's put apart KDE 4.2 that must be migrated to Unstable soon and it stands still in experimental for other reasons, almost all the other packages are DANGEROUS. DON'T USE EXPERIMENTAL. :)

Be calm, take a deep breath and proceed :)


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