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Re: [tutorial] kde 4.3 over SVN on debian sid

Am Wednesday 04 March 2009 22:55:45 schrieb Ghost Kilah:
> I have maked a tutorial about how to install kde 4.3 on debian sid over
> svn.
> Link :
> http://www.unixcod.org/component/option,com_fireboard/Itemid,83/func,view/c
sorry to say, but it didnt work here on sid.
i have sid, testing and experimental enabled but still not all depends from 
your initial 'apt-get install' can be satisfied.

* gstreamer0.10 does not exist, i installed libgstreamer-dev instead
* libexpat-ocaml-dev is not installable:
depends ocaml-nox-3.10.2
depends ocaml-findlib (>= 1.1)

ocaml-nox-3.10.2 was installable from testing, ocaml-findlib (>= 1.1) would 
need etch (oldstable) which i will not add to be able to build kde4.3

I have no idea how crucical  libexpat-ocaml-dev is to the process.

> Regards,
> Vina Petre Jan
> http://www.unixcod.org

Ferdi Thommes
sidux e.V.
we are sidux - resistance is futile - you will be assimilated

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