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Re: Debian 5 with kde 3.5 (basic install)

Alle domenica 01 marzo 2009, ddkconsultancy@gmail.com ha scritto:
> Sorry but I am just a newbie, so forgive me in advance :-)
> I just want to get my great Debian 5 with KDE start ups with numlock
> on and the numlock led on.
> I googled a lot but nu solution found.
> KDE numlock on setting puts it on but not the led!
> Leds=+num is being switch off when KDE starts up

Hi, I've checked on an old PC of mine with KDE3.5 and found the same problem. You should check in debian's bugtracking system if the bug is already known and there is any fix/patch. Otherwise, file a bug to Debian. You are stepping into this wonderful world :)


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