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Re: knetworkmanager and weather forecast plasma applets

El Viernes, 20 de Febrero de 2009, Modestas Vainius escribió:
> Hello,
> 2009 m. February 20 d., Friday, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. rašė:
> > And for a very good reason.  A "NEW" package has not be vetted to ensure
> > that Debian can distribute it by the ftp-masters.
> Yes, that is the reason NEW exists in theory. Its understandable and would
> be acceptable if... The reality is that NEW processing is such a boring
> task that ftp-masters do not care to do this in a timely manner regardless
> how important it is for Debian development. This "issue" annoys the hell
> out of me.

I can't understand how so many DDs can cope with the existence of the NEW 
queue. I understand that a package created by a non-maintainer needs some 
review by a person who has done a lot of effort to become a Debian Developer, 
and that maybe the double check of the ftp-master on the first upload might 
catch some problems.

But it doesn't make sense at all that if a source package includes a new 
binary because of a packaging decision, has to pass through the check of an 
ftp-master (even when the package is created by another DD, who is supposed 
to be at the same "level" than an ftp-master), but if the source package is 
completely new but with the same name (e.g., the package was completely 
rewritten from scratch, with new copyright etc.) and the same binary 
packages, then no ftp-master checks it at all.

So, in my extremely humble opinion, the NEW system is such an old leftover 
that should be changed as soon as possible, as so many things in Debian. :-(

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