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Re: Question: KDE 3 and 4 in Squeeze


[ All those questions are FAQ and have already been answered times ]

2009 m. Vasaris 16 d., pirmadienis, Piotr Dąbrowski rašė:
> I'm writing to ask if there will be both KDE 3 and 4 available in the
> new testing branch - Squeeze.
In short, KDE 3 desktop will be gone from sid/squeeze as soon as possible, 
only KDE3 Libs and stripped down KDE 3 base will remain as well as those 3rd 
party KDE 3 applications which are still useful and don't have KDE 4 

> KDE4 is really great and many users would for sure be happy to see and test
> it. However it is also important for us to be able to keep our old
> environment.
If you want KDE 3, you will have to go back to / use Lenny. However, I think 
KDE 4 will not migrate to testing any time soon (2-4 months) but it will be 
available in sid really soon. So squeeze is going to be still KDE 3 based for 
some time.

> The best solution for many of us would be to have a possibility of
> switching between KDE3 and KDE4 just like it now works for KDE3 and
> Gnome.
No. KDE 4 was packaged to be not co-installable with KDE 3 desktop from the 
start. Co-installability is not supported upstream and hacking around would be 
painful and not worth it. What is more, nobody of Debian Qt/KDE team is really 
interested in KDE 3 anymore...

> It would be great if KDE applications could come in two versions as
> well, as their Qt4 ports often lack important functions the previous
> versions had.
No, it is not going to happen (counterproductive and confusing). You will have 
to install/pin an older version from lenny if you really want it.

Basically, KDE 3 is going to RIP (which it has deserved over all those years), 
now it's time to break and be annoyed by >= KDE 4.2!

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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