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KDE 4.1 backports - kdebase-dev - Missing kdecoration.h and kdecorationfactory.h

I have installed KDE from kde4.debian.net, and I was trying to compile a new theme for kde. When trying to build I received the following error:

crystal-2.0.3/client/crystalclient.h:31:25: error: kdecoration.h: No such file or directory
crystal-2.0.3/client/crystalclient.h:32:32: error: kdecorationfactory.h: No such file or directory

I searched on the internet and the only answers I have found are that the files are in the "kdebase-dev" package, so I installed it but they are missing from the one on kde4.debian.net, I did an updatedb and searched and no such file was installed.

I did an apt-file search and I cant do it because there are no Contents on kde4.debian.net

I want a way to get those two files, or whatever is missing because I can not install kdebase-dev from the normal repository because it will remove the new libraries and mess up my system.


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