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Re: l10n

Am Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009 schrieb cobaco:
> AFAIK KDE apps still ignore the normal LC_* and LANG settings using the
> setting in the kdeglobals config file or KDE_LANG variable instead
> can you try running 'KDE_LANG=de <appname>' for one of the apps that is
> showing the problem?

As I wrote before:
$ LC_MESSAGES=de_DE kwrite
opens a full German session of kwrite, and my system since then is full German now, as I moved away from having LC_MESSAGES set to 'C'.
Still not happy with it and I believe it is a bug that KDE cannot decide which language to use.
Actually Inkscape (being a Gnome product) since then is German too, so I guess that respecting LC_MESSAGES for menus and stuff is the intended behaviour.

I might ask on kde-devel or look for a bug report to bring this to KDE's attention.


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