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Re: KDE 4.2 minor issues: Konqueror & YouTube, Konqueror & mouse pointer, Plasma menu, Konsole


These are coding issues we can't do much about.
You should report these to http://bugs.kde.org

> Konqueror & Youtube:
> It just doesn't work. Neither on x86, nor on x86_64.
> Konqueror & mouse pointer:
> Most of the time the mouse pointer in Konqueror stays in a hour glass
> state (e.g. try www.spiegel.de).

These are bugs to assign to konqueror/khtml

> Plasma menu:
> The Plasma menu should appear on top of every other window when clicking
> on the Plasma "cashew".

This is a wish (new feature, not bug fix) for plasma

Xavier Vello

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