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Re: Weather plasmoid

On Saturday 31 January 2009 07:26:52 Carlos Álvarez wrote:
> Hi.
> Is the weather plasmoid -that was packaged for the 4.2 RC release in
> kde42.debian.net-  packaged for 4.2 final? I can't find it in the
> experimental repo.
> I installed kweather, but I can't figure out for what does that
> program really serve since I can't find a way to launch it: no menu or
> Alt+F2 entry, "command not found" in terminal... Any Kweather user
> could give me a hint? I haven't been able to get any reasonably recent
> (usage in KDE 4), and clear, info on the net.
> Another one: is there any way to get rid of unuseful plasmoids which
> appear as alone packages, like Lancelot, without uninstalling almost
> all of them? When I try, aptitude says kadeplasma addons depends on
> Lancelot.
> Thanks

Good question. There is a "KWeather", there is a weather dataengine, but no 
way or running them. Kweatherservice should simply be running (probably not 
the dataengine), and kweatherreport is a command line using the METAR code 
(have to find which one to use--flightgear uses this as well to give "real" 
weather for your flying fun). Weather icons are now in the stock icons 

There are several weather plasmoids around that take large screen areas with 
loads of pretty pictures and information for 5-day forecasts and such. I miss 
the old weather applet that gave a picture and optionally a few short bits of 
data and you clicked it to get anything more. Too many plasmoids are like 
those superkaramba screen-realestate-wasters.

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