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Problems with compiz and kwin


I am using KDE 4.x some months (since it was released in sid) and i
follow using with one problem or other.

but one is bothering me .... the use of especial effects, like compiz or
the new kwin. In KDE 4.0, i got some effects and could change by compiz,
but since 4.1.x, i get a error when try to use this resource and a white
screen when try use compiz.

I think that is a problem in debian pgks, because my boss use KDE 4 in
[k]ubuntu, and works fine (compiz AND effects of kwin). Some tip or idea?

Thanks in advanced


ps: i have some pkgs of kde42.debian.net and the system updated some
hours ago, to 4.2.0 final (experimental). I use a macbook with Intel
945GM as video card.

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