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Problem with colors (of icons) in KDE4 on powerpc

Hi KDE users,

I have been using KDE 4 from experimental on an powerpc (iBook mid 2005)
since 4.1 beta. I was already hit by the following (minor but annoying)
problem: some of the icons have sometimes inverted colors. For example,
the [K] icon for the main menu is sometimes orange, or becomes orange
when my mouse is over it. It happens also with icons of the icon of
kwallet, or the ones in system settings, kontact, okular,.... This
inversion happens also sometimes with some text in HTML pages with

I suspect a problem of endianess, but I don't know precisely where,
since some of the icons are displayed normally, and some aren't. I tried
to disable effects/highlighting of icons, but it did not help.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Does anybody has a
solution or at least an explanation for this phenomenon?

Thanks in advance.


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