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Re: Changing the behavior of closing the top of a laptop in KDE4

As far as I know there's no such graphical configuration tool for KDE
4; although there's some energy management control for the screen in
Systemsettings, but it doesn't do too much. True energy management
will be present, hopefully, in 4.2. I remark "hopefully" since nothing
is for sure in these kind of "predictions", and even less when it
comes to KDE 4, hehe.
Most novice users oriented distros like Kubuntu or Mandriva have kept
graphical energy management using the KDE 3 versions of programs like
Kpowermanager or Klaptop.
If this issue in KDE 4 annois you much you can install any of the
several tools for KDE 3, which will work without any problem; although
you will have to install a lot of KDE 3 dependencies as well. Another
solution is to hold with it till end of January, when 4.2 is released;
and another more is to edit by hand te respective configutarion files,
which honestly I don't know which they are (my laptop's lid does
nothing when I close it, it doesn't even turn off the screen's light,
don't ask me why, I did nothing for it, at least nothing that I was
conscious of).

In any case for these KDE-only, especific questions (I mean, not
related to Debian KDE packages; your issue is someting concerning KDE
4 per se, no matter the distribution nor the operating system) I'd
recommend you www.kdehispano.org or www.kde-forum.org; I think you
could find more help than here.


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