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Re: KPackage in KDE4

Another question

How can I know witch is my KDE4 version ?

In the start splash I only see 4.1 so I don't know if it si 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 or wathever


2008/12/6 <mark@allums.com>
> Hello,
> penktadienis 05 Gruodis 2008, mark@allums.com rašė:
> > some packages from sid.  KDE4 from backports was version 4.1, the last
> > time I checked.  The experimental KDE4 is version 4.2.  4.2 is really
> > what you want, but you would have to learn to cope with sid and
> > experimental, and as a new user, I don't recommend that.
> 4.2 is not in experimental. 4.1.3 is.

I believe you may be correct.  What am I thinking of?

The point was meant to be that the backports version was behind the
version in Experimental, and that the Experimental version may be more
ready to be a production version that the backports version seems to be.

MArk Allums

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