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Re: Re: KPackage in KDE4

Guandedió, cusha, ;D.

There's a metapackage called "kde4-minimal" that just installs the
essential components of KDE4 (the ones with the red ball if I'm not
worng here: http://packages.debian.org/experimental/kde4-minimal), in
case you don't want to install the whole desktop enviroment. That
metapackage is available in experimental repos, but I guess it must be
in the testing bacports as well.
Ah, and if you decide to use aptitude (it's faster and much "cheaper"
in computer resources compared to graphical installers) I suggest you
to deactivate "Instalar los paquetes recomendados de forma automática"
in aptitude's interface->menu "Options"->Preferences. I'm assuming by
your nickname that you are hispanic, excuse if I'm wrong, but I dont
know what does aptitude say in English, in any case I suppose it must
be something like "Install recommended packages automatically" or so.
If you don't deactivate this option you will install unvoluntarily
dozens of "recommended" programs and libraries you don't really need.

Good luck, :).

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