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Requesting a K3B 2 SVN snapshot for Experimental

I hope the members of this list don't mind a little begging :)

The subject pretty much outlines the content of the post. I'd love to see a 
K3B 2 SVN snapshot for Experimental. Right now KDE 4 users are pretty well 
served by the status of Debian Experimental. We have the Amarok, Digikam, and 
Koffice betas and a very good build of KDE 4. The one big missing link is K3B-- 
I believe with the addition of this program it would allow those of us who are 
brave enough to purge most of the remaining rump of our KDE 3 installs.

My current understanding of the current status of K3B 2 is limited to: 
Sebastian Trueg, K3B's lead developer is busy with Nepomuk and SVN activity is 
'slow'. Apparently another major distribution, Mandriva, has packages the SVN 
version. That should indicate a minimum of 'suitable to package' worthiness. 
While there are a number of other missing 'big KDE apps' I believe that K3B 2 
is probably in a better shape to package than Konversation or Kaffeine.

So basically, I'd love to see a K3B 2 package in Experimental, and I was 
wondering if the Debian KDE folks had any plans in that regard. (Or if a 
suitable amount of begging could convince somebody to take up this mantle.) 
Thanks and great work on bringing KDE 4 to us (l)users!


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