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Re: [KDE 4.1 backports] First login crash KDM


I tried removing .kde4 from user home, and even create a new user. The problem still persists. 

I have another machine running sid, with kde4 4.1.3 from experimental. It does not have this double-login-required problem. Probably consolekit in lenny is not up-to-date enough?

Best Regards


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> From: Vachirasuk Setalaphruk <vsetal@yahoo.com>
> To: debian-kde@lists.debian.org
> Sent: Saturday, 22 November, 2008 17:11:09
> Subject: [KDE 4.1 backports] First login crash KDM
> I am using kde 4.1 backport from kde4.debian.net.
> Last night, I upgraded my kde to 4.1.3, among the upgrade there is kdm 
> 4.1.3-3~lenny+2 and also new install for ConsoleKit due to new dependency. Now 
> when I login (input user name and password then enter, from kdm screen) the 
> first time after boot, it seems to crash and send me to login screen again.
> In syslog, I see:
> kdm: :0[3091]: ConsoleKit open: Unable to open session: La
> unch helper exited with unknown return code 0
> kdm: :0[3091]: Client start failed
> Anyone know what's going on or how to rectify this?
> ---
> vachi

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