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Re: KDE 4.2

Sune Vuorela wrote:

This is your chance to influence the decision, but I think it is very
probably will end up that way (unless lenny is released first)


I think that a major push (by the KDE devs) to get KDE 4.2 released, and another major push by Debian to get final 4.2 into Lenny would be worth the effort, however unlikely that may be. Lacking that, 4.1 in unstable and 4.2 in experimental seems worthwhile, freeze or no freeze. (From watching the release process for a while, it seems like some rethinking of the system is due, if bugfixes can't be done to KDE 3 in Lenny after 4 enters unstable. The current setup seems a mite inflexible. To me, the newbie.)

Mark Allums

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