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Re: Idea for smooth migration to KDE 4

El Lunes, 17 de Noviembre de 2008, Martin Steigerwald escribió:
> Hi!
> Today I had an idea for smoothly migrating to KDE 4:
> I backup my ~/.kde and just use my KDE 4 Debian Sid/Experimental
> virtualbox and mount my home directory via vboxfs. KDE 4 should use .kde4
> in my home directory and then I could migrate the configuration of KDE
> applications one by one, still having KDE 3 stuff in my physical
> environment. Once I am satisfied I update the physical box with
> lenny/sid/experimental to KDE 4.
> Should work out, shouldn't it?

Should work, but there are other possibilities, like opening a KDE 4 session 
in parallel through Xephyr, or in another X server. VirtualBox it's a 
solution a bit more "bloated", but it's probably easier to do because it's 

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