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Missing DBus interfaces file in konsole package


hopefully this list is the correct place for reporting missing files - if 
not please point me to the appropriate place.

I am using KDE 4.1 from experimental. I tried to interoperate with konsole 
using DBus. For finding supported methods I used qdbusviewer, but for 
konsole I could not find any methods. For i.e. kmail, and kmix qdbusviewer 
showed me the needed methods and object paths and I was able to interoperate 
with kmail and kmix using dbus-send.

Searching in the web a little I assume that 


files are missing under:


I also browsed kde svn under


and there these files can be found.

Can you confirm that my problems using DBus with konsole are based on these 
missing files, and if yes could you please add these files to konsole 

Thanks in advance


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