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Re: KDE4.080/74-1 Plasma

On Tuesday 27 May 2008 22:45:25 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> Hi,
> Tuesday 27 May 2008, David Baron ra:
> > OK, the panel crashes are my fault, apparently from kde3 applets I am
> > using. They did give such problems in the very old kde4 versions but have
> > been just fine until today's upgrade. Also, that  0,-54 position of the
> > panel is now showing up and maybe causing crashes as well. I will deal
> > with that by hand, I suppose.
> That might have be bad interaction of later kdelibs and earlier plasma.
> kdebase-workspace 4.0.80 has just been accepted, please retest tomorrow.
> However, still plasma is still sort of sensitive, treat it gently.
Will give that a try.
> > Luckily, by /opt/kde3.5 is still around and I and other family users can
> > run this without a hitch. This is really necessary when the new one is so
> > volatile, almost snapshots rather than "milestones" or upgrades.
> It's a milestone (KDE 4.1 Beta 1) expect plasma.
But ... plasma is central! Well, in a pinch, kicker will in fact run just fine 
(and in my dual set up, I need to exclude it from the session startup!)
> > I also tried the new kmail 4.074 which is actually based on an older
> > version that the kde3.5.6! Looks fine but since it did not eat all the
> > settings and canceled the sessions, I tried to reenter them. The
> > configure kmail dialog is empty.
> Is empty how? No settings imported? You're right. However, in fact it's
> possible to migrate almost all settings from KDE3 kmail with some minor
> manual intervention. I don't know why you think kmail 4.0.74 is based on
> the old kmail from KDE3, because it actually has all the features and
> layout of kmail 3.5.9. What is more, current kmail4 is darn stable and
> overall I'm very very positively surprised by it's current state (not a
> single crash on my me, noticed just one real bug). It has such solid feel.
3.5.6 has kmail 1.9.6
4.074 has kmail 1.9.5
Of course these numbers might be entirely meaningless.
4.074 deleted the receive mail sessions and gave me no way to enter them 
again. I suppose I could edit them into the rc but they WERE there and got 
removed so editing might not help. Everything else came in just fine, if I 
did not want to receive any mail, very solid :-)
> > Running kde3 again,  it simply looks much nicer. Icon sizes and text
> > labels work better, overall panel composition (ignoring the funny
> > placements of the last couple of days) looks nicer. And the desktop
> > functionality such as creating new device icons (and having them
> > function) is still not there in kde4. All the resizing, rotations and
> > other stuff is of limited value if one cannot get icon sizes and text
> > labels to coordinate nicely.
> Well, plasma dashboard is completely different concept than conventional
> desktop. You can add a Folder View widget to simulate the old desktop. Your
> criticism about device icons might be right (drag and drop from dolphin
> does not work), but please post it to more general upstream KDE list or
> file a wishlist bug to upstream BTS.

May do that. The older desktop functionality is needed. Device-icons already 
there from kde3 show neither the mounted or unmounted icon. There is no 
refresh and changes it does facilitate are not displayed until something, 
anything, forces it. Desktop->properties->apply can do it. Getting an 
application icon (drag from menus) does not work correctly and the only way I 
can do it is manually copy a preexisting one and hand edit it. Just what is 
the concept of the plasma dashboard? What is it supposed to do, hopefully 
better, prettier and more effectively than the older concept (which most 
folks were used to from any of the other wms?

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