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Re: How to report kde bug?


> Aptitude should not be used when apt is used. (Adept and Synaptics
> use apt)

If I remember correctly (I ceased to use apt a long ago), aptitude
stores more information than apt, so if you mix the two tools, the
aptitude-specific information doesn't get updated.  An important
difference between the two tools is this:  Suppose that package A
depends on package B and that you install package A.  Then,
package B is also automatically installed, whether you use apt or
aptitude.  The difference arises when you uninstall package A.
Aptitude remembers that package B was automatically installed,
so that when you uninstall package A, package B is also
uninstalled.  This magic doesn't work if you installed
package A with apt and uninstall it with aptitude, because
apt didn't store the information that package B was automatically


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