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[Fwd: Konqueror - can no longer use ctrl-T to open blank tabs]

Further to the attached post, I now discover that I can no longer open in Konqueror any html files. What I get instead of a document in html, format I get a plain text document including all the html codes.

I discovered that this fault and the inability to open tabs with ctrl-t only happen when I am on my user. If I open any other user in the same box, Konqueror behaves normally.

				Ken Heard
--- Begin Message --- I have been using KDE in my P4 box for some time, first with sarge and now with etch. There were some KDE problems on upgrading, but I now have an urgent problem not related to the upgrade.

Starting sometime yesterday, I can no longer open a new blank tab with the ctrl-T key combination. Every time I try it the following appears in the main area:


and the top line of the window shows: "about:blank - Konqueror".

What is this; why did it appear suddenly without any deliberate action on my part; and how to I stop it?

				Ken Heard

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