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KDE for Etch

Curt Howland wrote:
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On Thursday 08 November 2007, Nate Bargmann was heard to say:
I had bought DVD ISOs from a 3rd party and don't recall a choice of

When I first asked about this, the reasoning for putting Gnome and Kde on different CDs was because they each were too big to put on the same CD.
Therefore, on the KDE specific live CD http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde4livecd.html the space to add the HDD install should *not* be a problem.
But this means that there is even less of a hint what "desktop" is going to be installed when "desktop" is selected. At the same time, there is less excuse for not putting additional options into tasksel.
That's just the beauty of using a wm specific CD or DVD; no confusion for the user.

If I could wave my magic wand, the CD would be -gnome instead of nothing, to match the other CDs, and the DVD would have at least desktop-Gnome, desktop-Kde and desktop-minimal.
Someone on the <debian-kde@lists.debian.org> list wanting to wave a magic wand to make Gnome the exclusive Debian desktop?
But oh well, I'm not a developer. Just a user. And a nearly 100% satisfied one at that. Maybe that's what makes this invisible default so frustrating,
Glad that you share the same frustration so, once again, the easiest way to make Debian/desktop/wm specific installs is to add HDD install options to the live cd's.

Nobody is against DVD's that have the whole kit and kaboodle as long as that is not the only option to HDD install Debian. In general, the more choices we give a potential new user the less likely that user is to select Debian at all. So I would suggest also that the install area gives potential users a little time first to learn about the various Debian desktop and wm options so that then they can make a selection that will install without too much ado, if that's what they want.

So if someone hacks me a HDD installable version of this CD http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde4livecd.html I will continue to report back on how this is being accepted.

 Debian is so very good in most other ways.
100% agreement here!

Henry Keultjes
Mansfield Ohio USA

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