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Re: Amarok using KDE 3.5.7


> apt-get install amarok-xine=1.4.4-4
> and hope that it works. (It might be necessary to log out of KDE or
> even to restart KDM.)

Well, that fixed it :)  Thanks very much.

> Another thing: I would change the download.xs4all.nl entry in your
> sources list from "stable" to "etch" to be consistent and to be
> safe from accidentally getting Lenny packages on your system once
> Lenny is released as the next "stable"..

Done that.  Only problem now is that although I can get Amarok to play 
an MP3 it doesn't put any sound out.  Maybe it just plays Ogg files 
these days and not MP3 ?  I use Alsa for sound which is playing my 
local radio station just now from my digital receiver but nothing 
from Amarok.  Tried to play with the Amarok settings.  Doesn't make 
any difference.



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