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KDE 3.5.8 available on unstable


KDE 3.5.8 has been released today [1] and it is already available from

Some details:

The uploads have been made for AMD64 and in some cases for i386 
too, so if you are using i386 (or powerpc, ...),  some packages will need
a few days to be available for your arch. You can notice this easily because
you upgrade will be broken :)

Restart KDE (or all the KDE apps you are using), after install this new
version. This is because sometimes after upgrade of kdelibs it produces some 
weird behaviours.

If you have reported bugs in the Debian BTS, and any of them is fixed now,
please close them. If the bug is still present in this release, it helps if 
you mail the bug number and update the bug report stating this.
You can see the bug you have reported in the Debian BTS in this URL:


replacing your@email.com with your email address :-)


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