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how to configure device icons behavior

Hi there, my name is Mario and i'm interesting in discover how to
configure some
issues i've found in kde under debian.

Yes, english is not my native tongue, so excuse me if i don't write correct.

Now i have an issue with my usb pendrive. I'm using Kde on Debian
stable, but the same behavior is on testing and sid.

So, i plug my pendrive. Icon appears on desktop. Thats's ok.
Now i can just mount it if i wish, and explore it.
The problem is when i want to unmount it. There is no option for this.
The only choice says 'Safely Remove', but when i use it, the pendrive
is first unmounted (what i want) but then the device (/dev/sda1) is
phisically wiped out, so the unmounted pendrive's icon disappears, and
even is removed from the 'System->Devices' folders.
I have to unplug and plug it to use it again.
This behavior is (for me) not correct, and is not the behavior i've
seen in other distros. For instance, in PC-LinuxOS the 'Safely Remove'
action just unmounts the
pendrive, and the icon stays on desktop while it be plugged.
I expect that. The pendrive icon in my desktop must reflect that it is
plugged (mounted or not).
So, i guess there would be some configuration files i can modify to
change this on Kde-Debian. Am i right ?
What files could i touch to change this ?


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