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KDE autostart & xmodmap howto

how can I activate my multimedia keys in Debian, which can be done by
executing xmodmap with proper arguments? What have I done so far:
1. executing xmodmap manually works. After that my keys work.
2. Put xmodmap invocation into my script in ~/.kde/Autostart. At first
I thought that it didn't work, because xmms (important: run by session
manager - automatically saved session) didn't act on those keys.
However after xmms restart it started working. So I thought that maybe
my xmodmap script is called too late - after xmms - and that's why it
wasn't working.
3. I have looked on google, looking for information about kde
autostart order. I have found the following directive:
I put it into desktop file which replaced my script. Result was
exactly the same as in 2, so I entered a bug in Debian:
4. A nice person reading my bugreport suggested using
~/.kde/env/script.sh instead. I followed his suggestions and created
such script. Effect? Weird. Script was called on KDE startup (I added
debugs writing to file to it), but my keys weren't registered at all.
I checked them with xmodmap -pke and saw only other keys related to my
keyboard (chosen from KDE control center).

What's your opinion on that?

KDE 3.5.7, Debian SID


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