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Bug#442209: making it possible to enable KDE, XFCE, etc (Re: win32-loader)

Package: win32-loader
Severity: wishlist

(let's make a bug entry out of this..)

On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 05:54:37PM +0200, Thomalla, Martin BS wrote:
> Hello, it would be great to add a selection for the preferred desktop environment, maybe like this:
>  ----------------------------------------------------------
> | Which desktop environment would you like?    |
> |                                              |
> |[] Gnome (default) (link for more information)|
> |[] KDE             (link for more information)|
>  ----------------------------------------------------------

Yep, that would be nice.  It isn't trivial though, as one needs to make
preseeding work in a way that the tasksel dialog enables KDE without infering
any knowledge about the laptop task.

If you can figure it out and send a patch, that would be appreciated.


Robert Millan

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