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Re: kde error

Well, yes  i was using startkde. So I guess I have to install kdm or gdm before running startkde, if I understood correct? And the way to install either one of them is by using aptitude install kdm for example?
I tried aptitude installl kdat and it gave me a message nothing is available to install. Any other suggestions? I search google and I found something named  kdat_3.5.7-1_i386.deb. What type of file is it and how can I install it?
Thank you all!

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1) Can you be more specific?  How are you trying to start KDE? The script
startkde does not replace startx, but rather is run from within a
.xinitrc.  Most people run some kind of display manager like kdm or
gdm, which starts kde for you.


   aptitude install kdat

should work.

Note the spelling of "aptitude"

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