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No printing in Debian Lenny with Samsung ML-2010 B@W laser

Hi Debian team,
below are some forum posts oulining the problem
Hope you can help:----

this Samsung ML-2010 B@W laser did at first work in Lenny, until apt-get dist-upgrade in mid august 2007. The printer was visible, and put the job in kjobviewer and gave an error message trying to shift the job to the Samsung.

Now Lenny cannot even see this usb printer to install it after an apt-get dist-upgrade today.
So (I guess?) something is very wrong in Lenny cups or KDE printing, the desktop I use.
The same printer works fine in Debian etch, also works fine in Sidux Gaia.
Same behavior in Kubuntu gutsy tribe5, which must use snapshots of Lenny packages, hence same errors.
Using a specific ppd does not help either, when you could install the printer that was.
How can I report this to the Lenny developers other than this forum.
Hope there is a fix in the works?
Oh an old HP deskjet 895Cxi prints OK, but with a long latency now, so this problem is Samsung ML-2010 Laser specific whatever it is.

A reply
I have not updated for a while, and will not for fear of losing my printer. When the printer is on and plugged in what is the output of lsusb

There is no output it is blank

I borrowed a friends Samsung ML-1710 B@W laser printer as an 'experimental' thing and this printed fine under Lenny.
Still so obscure why only the Samsung ML-2010 is not seen by Lenny at all.
Sidux (unstable) sees the Samsung ML-2010 and prints from it fine.
So KLenny and its presumed clone KGutsy both do not see it, obviously for the same reason whatever that may be.
Beats me.

The above posts outline this very obscure printing problem. Hope you folks have some clues.
Rod Lovett

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