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Re: Kaffeine problem in Debian

On 8/31/07, 柳栋淼 <hanyiny@gmail.com> wrote:
> maybe you should check your inputmethod under qt.
> maybe you can kill all the scim program, and try again.
> if it related to scim, we can discuss how to install scim manually.
> i have no problem to start kaffeine in Debian/Etch with scim + scim-qtimm +
> scim-tables.

Thanks for your help.  I use scim+scim-pinyin+scim-tables-zh+scim-qtimm.
I use the following command to set the scim as the default input method:
im-switch -s scim
When I disabled scim and start kaffeine in the console, it still
cannot work.  The gui frame appreas, but kaffeine just cannot totally
start. I need input Chinese, so scim is essential for me.

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