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Re: konqueror

Use wireshark (previously known as ethereal) instead. It is a graphical
sniffer. Once started as root, press Ctrl+k to start the sniffing dialog
and choose your wireless interface. Check the "Uptate list of packets in
real time" option, under "Display Options", and press start.

Once you have captured the traffic, you can right click on any of the TCP
packets and select "Follow TCP Stream" to see the conversation in ASCII
in a new window. Close it window and press the "clear" button in the main
window to see the whole capture again.


On Thursday 30 August 2007, robert caterina wrote:
> hello José,
>      It seems i found something similar. You said that you used a
> sniffer to follow the transaction. How did you do that? I have tcpdump
> installed; what command should i type in to do the same thing? I have
> read the man page of tcpdump but the way to go is not very clear to me.
> It speaks about an interface to listen to. Here at home i use a
> wifi-router (interface wifi0 or ath0), thus if i am right i should type
> (as root):
> # tcpdump -i wifi0
> to begin the spying job, and then run konqueror as a simple user, is
> this true?
>    Cheers
>  robert

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