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Hi everybody,
    I am facing a problem with konqueror when i try to do some
E-banking. When i go to my bank's home page, no problem arises but as
soon as i click on the start button to begin a session (which normaly
switches the protocol from "http" to "https" in the URL bar), i get an
error message saying ' A problem raised when trying to load... <URL of
my bank>: Impossible to connect to the host <name of the bank's host>'.
I can do all these operations right with epiphany et iceweazel's
browsers. So, i looked up in kcontrolcenter
<network>:<web-browser>:<external modules> to see if the https protocol
was checked and it is. There is for sure something misconfigured but
what? Has it something to do with a Java's option not set correctly? Any
help would be appreciated.

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