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Re: Possible bug with perl-tk on KDE systems


| From what I've understood from the doc, the option database is also
| managed by xrdb. And from Tk::option doc: 
|        Different window managers (and implementations of them) have
|        implemented the database differently, but most Xt-based window
|        managers use the .Xdefaults file or the xrdb utility to manage
|        user preferences; some use both, and/or implement a more
|        complex set of site, user and application databases.
| So how does KDE handle xrdb ?

The settings in my ~/.Xdefaults are effective on KDE, although
I don't explicitly use xrdb .  That means the KDE system uses my
.Xdefaults at some stage of its startup.  I'm not 100% sure if
all my Xdefaults settings are effective.  (I mean that some settings
might be overridden during the startup process.)


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