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Re: KMail problem

On Wednesday 06 June 2007 03:36:00 Hervé Piedvache wrote:
> I'm under Sid with the last dist-upgrade ... using KMail 1.9.7. inside
> Kontact.
> I have two big troubles :
> - The auto completion of email address does not work anymore ... with my
> Ldap server ... using Kontact/KAdressbook I have access to my Ldap
> contacts very well ... I have changed nothing in the configuration of
> KMail ... just dist-upgrade ... in the options I can choose the order of
> completion and I see the Ldap server which is the first one ... but KMail
> only give me access to the last address I have used ... I never see the
> Ldap contacts !! Was working before the last dist-upgrade :o(

> - The Forward functionnality works when it want ... I mean most of the
> time when I do a forward (classical one inside mail) ... The new mail
> message form appear with the original mail but without the Forward
> template at the beginning ... exactly like if i was the writer of the
> mail ... missing this :

I've seen bother of these as well, so I can confirm they are real bugs. (You 
might want to submit a bug report via reportbug or via e-mail as explained 
at <http://bugs.debian.org>.)

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