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Re: Complete KDE crash (was in debian-user before)


2007 m. May 27 d., Sunday, kristian.mailinglists@ewetel.net rašė:
> After logging in with kdm, the kde splash-screen comes up. When the
> second icon begins to blink (the harddisc-icon) it takes very long
> (~20s, normal was ~5s). Then it goes until the second last icon
> (Preparing Workplace?), there it pauses again for 10s. Then after kde
> is started I have my background image without desktop icons, and at
> the bottom a grey bar, where normally the K-taskbar is. I have a
> moveable mousecursor, but can't do anything. I have to CTRL-ALT-BSPC
> to come out.
When KDE hangs, press CTRL-ALT-F1 to switch to console, run `ps aux` and post 
output here.

Modestas Vainius <geromanas@mailas.com>

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