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Re: Loading Of URLs To /var/tmp

On Thursday 24 May 2007 15:05, Kevin Krammer wrote:

> This usually mean that the file type association has been
> changed.
> Check control center -> KDE componentens and file type
> associations for the text/html type.
> The associated program should be "Konqueror", on top of the
> list and the command (Edit button) should be "kfmclient
> openURL %u text/html"
> The %u tells KDE that the program can URLs itself, otherwise
> it plays save and assumes it can only do local files and
> downloads them (to the temp directory) before passing it to
> the program.

Thanks Kevin, but it still does the same thing. The associated 
program was Opera, but it was launching Konq, which was number 
two. I have no idea why. I moved Konq to the top and made sure 
the command was as you said. It still loads to /var/tmp and 
still launches Konq with the same results.

It seems to be an interesting problem. :-( 

BTW, I should already have mentioned I am running 3.5.7.

Thanks again.

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