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Re: KDE 3.5.7 in unstable and yes, we're working in KDE 4!

Ana Guerrero wrote, on 2007-05-22 22:13:

KDE 3.5.7 is being released today and it is already available in unstable.
If you're using i386 the update should go fine, if you're using another
arch, like amd64, some packages will not be available for your arch yet.

If you update while you're using your desktop enviroment and you notice some strange behaviour, please restart your desktop enviroment. At the same time we have been working in kde 3.5.7, we have started to work in packaging KDE 4, and we're aiming to publish packages for the next
official development snapshot.

If you want to know how to contribute, take a look at our website:


I had major problems with my upgrade.

After rebooting having installed kde 3.5.7-1, I would get the graphical login screen, but once I logged in I was left with the blue background and nothing else. The mouse moved and I could use ctrl alt F1 .. F6 and ctrl alt backspace but I could not get the desktop loading.

I finally returned to the desktop by some difficult to reproduce method of copying the /var/run/xauth/* file to ~/.Xauthority attempting to login via VT7 and then in a console session setting DISPLAY to ":0.0" and running startkde.

I'm at a real loss on how to go about finding the actual problem and
fixing things properly. Any suggestions?

(I'm copying this into Debian bug #425526, where I reported this).


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