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Re: Asian fonts in konqueror

Am Donnerstag, 29. März 2007 schrieb Arnaud Battistella:
> Hi,
> Firefox has a nice feature that allows to select the type of fonts we want
> to use in function of the language being displayed, for instance for
> western I can choose serif, times new roman, arial, and courier new; and
> for korean, sans serif, batang, arial unicodems, and batangche. I was
> wondering if there was a way to have a similar functionality in konqueror.
> Indeed, if I choose arial in konqueror for instance and a korean character
> is not in the arial font, it will display a square instead of the proper
> font that could have been found simply in another font set (batan,
> gulim...). I heard about qt3config but this would not allow me to use a
> full set of nice korean fonts on korean web pages...
> Any hints? Thanks.
> A.

If it's all about having characters displayed where they're currently not, 
then you might want to use Arial Unicode MS (msttcorefonts).

I don't know about the solution of Firefox (Icesomething), but if all it 
offers is differentiation between asian and non-asian it's not gonna be of 
great help to a lot of people.

I never changed local stylesheets and I don't know if you can actually tell 
your browser how to display stuff through that, but if it works you might 
think about doing something like the following to your stylesheets:
span[lang|=zh-Hans-CN] { font-family: 文鼎PL简报宋; }

Till now Qt/KDE/Konqueror really annoy you if it comes to displaying different 
languages. Hopefully KDE 4.0 including Qt 4.0 will change this.


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