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Re: address bar placement in konqueror

Am Sonntag, 25. März 2007 schrieb Jeffrey M. Smith:
> On Sunday 25 March 2007 13:05:51 Christoph Burgmer wrote:
> > I always wondered how I could place the address bar in the same row as
> > the toolbar buttons. I started to believe it's impossible with konqueror
> > (drag and drop wouldn't work), but suddenly it began placing the bar up
> > there when I viewed pictures instead of html-pages.
> > Now I saw this screenshot [1] which actually solves what I am trying. Any
> > hints how to achieve that?


> The other (more reliable) way to achieve this is to directly add the
> location bar itself to the main toolbar.  To do this, you'll need to go to
> the "Configure Toolbars" dialog and remove the "Location Bar" entry from
> the Location Toolbar.  Then, you can select the Main Toolbar and add
> the "Location Bar" entry there.  (Konqueror won't show the location bar in
> the main toolbar if it's included in both places.)


Thanks, that did the job. It really feels good now and that's pretty much more 
space on a 15''. Your trick worked and Inow  wonder how the average user 
should find out about removing the address field from the address toolbar so 
that it would display in the main toolbar. I wouldn't have though of that.

Now I'm left with removing the blue kget arrow (it keeps coming back :().


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