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Re: Remote KDE desktop?


> I have KDE 3.5 (Debian ETCH) installed on the computer in my office. I
> have installed Debian ETCH
> KDE on a new computer in the server room next to my office.
There is some options, but I think that the most easy and secury is log in
the safe mode in our office, this is a simple X session. Them in the
terminal you should open one ssh session with : ssh -X ip_from_you_server

them you open kde with starkde

Before do this things you have make sure that your server haves a ssh
server working, to do that as root use in terminal: sshd

With a 10M/s lan connection kde will run prety fast remotely.


Maicon Saul Faria,
Universidade de São Paulo,
São Paulo-Brasil.

> What do I need to do to bring up the KDE from the server on the computer
> in my office?
> We are just starting to use Linux in our department and no one here knows
> much about it.
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