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Vote against access keys in konqueror

Sorry for the spamlike nature of this posting. I am hoping to draw a bit more 
attention to this issue, since it obviously concerns a lot of people.

Should you not be aware, access keys are the small labels that appear in 
konqueror when you press the ctrl key. They are keyboard shortcuts to the 
link that they hover above. The labels appear when you press ctrl and 
disappear when you press it once again.

Now if you are like me, then you find these labels a damn nuisance frankly, 
however it seems that the powers at be have decided that they are a good idea 
and refuse to do anything about them.

There is a bug report open, requesting that it is at least possible to disable 
this behaviour from the settings dialog. If you don't like the access 
key "feature" either, I humbly suggest that you go and vote for this bug 

Use this link to see the bug report:


Sorry for the inconvinience. :)


 - Debian/Unstable - KDE 3.5.5 - KMail 1.9.5 -

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