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Re: Litter In The Logs If DVD In The Drive

[quick followup]

On Friday 12 January 2007 01:24, I wrote:

> ..  all the time I have a DVD in the drive (even if I'm not using the
> DVD) , the following "rubbish" litters the logs (kern.log, syslog, and
> messages) at a furious rate :
> Jan 12 00:08:00 localhost kernel: hdc: packet command error: error=0x50
> Jan 12 00:08:01 localhost kernel: hdc: packet command error: status=0x51
> { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
> ...  my searches turned up this LKML thread as seeming most relevant :
> http://uwsg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0103.0/0723.html
> It's quite a long thread, with various Linux kernel luminaries stating the
> problem is that both KDE & Gnome have a stupid process running which
> frequently polls optical drives to see what media (if any) is present ...

I think I've figured out what the process is - it's KsCD, which I usually have 
minimised to the tray at all times.  I discovered that if I close it down the 
stupid log messages stop too ...

I should have thought of that before ... sorry.

I guess I should file a bug against KsCD;  I've checked, and there's no 
existing bug about it, though there _is_ a vaguely related one against an 
earlier version :
  "kscd tries to read continously cdrom when a cd is ejected"

And now, back to your usual programs ...

Nick Boyce
Will no one rid me of this troublesome chair ?

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