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Condensed font instead of Sans Serif in KDE

Dear List,

For about a week, I have the following problem with my KDE Desktop
(up-to-date sid i386): it seems that the systems selects Dejavu Sans
Condensed instead of DejaVuSans, when "Sans" is selected in Kcontrol.
It results in a very ugly desktop. I got already this problem in the
beginning of December. It was then a problem with fontconfig and
ttf-dejavu, that was fixed by an upgrade of the system. But then the
problem reappeared a few days ago, and I do not know how to fix it.

I tried to dpkg-reconfigure several packages : fontconfig,
fontconfig-config, defoma, ttf-deja-vu, to purge and reinstall them,
but nothing changed. The only solution I found was to remove the
Condensed fonts from /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-dejavu, but it does
not seem to be a good way of doing things in the long term.

I was not able to find a bug report concerning this problem. Moreover,
I have two others machines (powerpc and amd64) who do not suffer from
this problem (they did not suffer either when the same problem occured
a few weeks ago, since the versions of fontconfig/ttf-dejavu causing
the problem were not installed).

Does anybody know how I could fix this problem more properly than just
removing the files ? Only KDE applications suffer from this problem :
texmaker and iceweasel are displayed correctly.

Thanks in advance,


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