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Re: Facing problem in getting the desktop

On 2006-12-20, Nirupama Nayana Rout <nirupamar@cdac.in> wrote:
> I have come up with a debian based installable cd with all kde
> packages.But there is no kdebase package getting installed.

What cd?

> I saw the log file in tmp directory and found that
> kdebase-libs

whats this?

> kdebindings

There are no need for a kdebindings meta package. Just pick the bindings
you need

> kdelibs-bin

merged into kdelibs4c2a

> kdelibs-dev


> kdelibs3


> kdelibs3-bin


> kdelibs3-cups

probably also just kdelibs4c2a

> and some more packages are not present.
> I tried finding out whether those package are present in etch but found
> that only it is available in oldstable which does not match with my
> package versions that are etch.
> Could anybody explain me where am I going wrong.Or else from where can i
> get those packages?

How/where did you read that you needed those packages?


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