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keyboard lay-out "German" instead of "US" (QWERTY) after first use of KDE


I am new to KDE, so please bare with me if certain elements would
seem confused ... I am not subcsribed to this list so please copy me
in your replies.

I am using a QWERTY (PC-104) keyboard connected with a PS 2 connector.
Running 2.6.18-3-686 SMP Linux kernel on x86 arch.

I am by default running debian - sid (#apt-get update, #apt-get upgrade
up to today) with the "default" Gnome set-up (gdm).

I wanted to try out KDE in the following way:

# apt-get install kde  (this worked)

log-out of gnome session in gdm

change "session" (right top icon in the gdm log-in screen)

changed session to "KDE" (the 5th option or so)


into KDE, I got into a wizard asking about location and language.

Filled out "Belgium" and "US English" keyboard (QWERTY)

got through the wizard ... and ended up with strange characters
(including clearly German characters for the very right characters
on the keyboard, e.g. the "tsssz" (looks like a Greek "Beta"
character) and lots of "umlaut" characters

Switched back to Gnome, and there, also the "EN" and "Deu"
keyboards where now enabled ... ("Deu" was certainly not enabled

Disabled the "Deu" keyboard in the gnome set-up (keeping only
the EN set=up).

Back to KDE. Still German keys ...

Somewhere (sorry don't recall), I got back into the wizard,
now tried location: US ; keyboard US:

... still German keys ...

Tried the K ==> Settings ==> Regional & Accessibility ==> Keyboard Layout

there _only_ the 'U.S. English' Layout with 'us' keymap was initially
available in the right hand list (while the keyboard was still producing
German keys in a separate Konsole).

I selected that single 'U.S. English' Layout (clicked on it with mouse),
that showed Command "setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us"; I pressed
OK and now it is OK ==> QWERTY keyboard works correctly :-)

My personal problem is solved, but I wanted to report this, since I am afraid
there is something that is either technically incorrect, or incorrect in
the perception of a new user (like me) about how this should work.
My expectation was that using that wizard about location and language
etc. would also set the keyboard to e.g. QWERTY if I ask it to be
U.S. English.

One thing that may be relevant is that now, the Country/Region screen
Languages: US English
locale: 'C' Default
(fine for me, but that is not really "US English" I believe)
I don't recall I ever asked the KDE system to get into the 'C' Default locale.
Earlier today, that state was certainly different (may German or US, I don't
recall exactly).

I am willing to give more details if required, but it is not easy to
get back to
the initial state ...



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