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Re: Re: Multi-tasking

* Matej Cepl <ceplm@seznam.cz> [2006 Jun 28 15:02 -0500]:
> Nate Bargmann wrote:
> >> So, I presume they are not compiled for desktop use then?  Has anyone
> >> filed a wishlist bug to get a set of kernels that are pre-emptive?
> > 
> > I filed a wishlist bug against linux-source-2.6.17 so we shall see what
> > happens.
> And if they add to this version of kernel also suspend2 patch and call it
> desktop (or laptop) I could abstain from compiling my own kernel.
> What is the number of the bug?

375845  Here is the report:


- Nate >>

P.S. Those other two duplicates were me trying to get kmail working with
Firefox...  Don't ask!

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