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kpdf prints in wrong printer format


I am out of options and pretty curious (you could say annoyed) by now
by a bug/wrong setting on my system.  Maybe one of you can help me.
What happens; I have Debian testing installation with KDE as standard
desktop system. I am using cups for my hp laserjet 4050 network
printer. Whenever I print a pdf from KPDF in a4 my printer complains
that it receives a letter. All settings (cups, kprinter,
/etc/papersize) are set to a4. I tried several pdf's, randomly from
internet, and made with latex (a4paper option in documentclass). All
arrive at the printer as letter.
Printing pdf's with kghostview, or other documents from other programs
(e.g. openoffice), works fine.
Anyone an idea? Or can anyone confim that this is a bug?

Thanks for your help,


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