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File Association Help-Application/octet Stream

When I open KDE GUI or Control Center I get a 	
message that says "Could not find mime type
application/octet stream". I can easily add the mime
type file association in kde control center(and have
done so) but don't know what to add for the "General"
and "Embedded" 	
category tabs. The message also pops up when I start 	
control center. Could this also be related to the 	
fact that I can't play video media files on the 	
internet? I am using a Debian unstable distro with a 	
2.6.16-1-686 kernel. Have been trying to get Mozilla 	
MPlayer to play media files on the internet for a
month or more with 	
no success and not any successful help from the 	
Debian User list.  Any help/suggestions most 	
appreciated. Would like to know specifically:

What is appropriate entries for "General" and
"Embedded" tabs for application/octet stream?

Googling indicates there may be a security issue with
this mime type, is there? And why did this error
message just now pop up? Have recently modified KDE
file associations trying to get media player to work
by adding "application/x-mplayer2" and nsplugin viewer
under the embedded tab and also "application/octet

Does "application/octet stream" have any bearing on
mplayer playing internet videos specifically any news

Please copy my email-not subscribed.


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